10 little china dolls


A few days ago we finally received the class photo of Oskar. This was taken end of April and we were excited: this was the first “official” school photo memory he got. The preparation was less exciting. Oskar had to be dressed in white socks and white shoes. We did not have either and while we were happy to buy some white socks for him, we balked at buying white shoes as well. It’s not that those 30 Dollars would have killed us, but we thought it rather ridiculous that we’d have to buy a pair of shoes we’d likely never use again just for this photo.

At the day of the photoshoot we sent him with his regular blue shoes (and white socks) to the school.
And they did what we thought they’d do: put him in the second row where you cannot see the shoes.

On first look this is a nice, albeit rather serious photo of him and his classmates.
But then you look closer and you think:

You: I wonder why they’ve never shown me their school library. It’s magnificent! Nearly looks like a wallpaper that’s been photoshopped in there…

Yeah. Looks like it, huh?

And then you look at the kids and some of them don’t seem to have necks. Or the position of the head feels strangely “off”. So, hm, it might be a fair assumption that this whole picture has been photoshopped like a bikini model selling investment products. I don’t blame the photographer, though: to have 10 kids on a photo and trying to make them all look at the camera with both eyes open and without making faces – this must be virtually impossible (shooting a passport photo of a newborn is nearly as bad, I guess).

Anyway. It is as nice memory and a happy one for sure.

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