The above spot is the wide window sill in my bathroom. Oskar gets there by climbing onto the toilet, then onto the toilet tank and from there he reaches this magical spot with the great view.

On the one hand side I am delighted to see him so excited and happy. He’s very agile and is exploring all corners of the apartment with a spirit of daring and aggressive curiosity.
The problem is, of course, that he can easily hurt himself if he falls towards the side of the bathroom, where he could crush onto the toilet seat or the tub. He can also easily kill himself by opening one of the windows and falling to the other side into the void – a very impactful lesson about the miracle of gravity.

Naturally we’ve strictly forbidden him to climb up again. And I also locked the windows, so in case he disobeys (which as a matter of course never, ever… ever happens), he (ever…) cannot throw himself out there (ever…) without picking the lock first (or nick the keys from my bathroom cabinet)

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