Another birthday for the girl that does not age


Today is Lamia’s birthday – my pretty wife turns 22 or something. As always, we did a little celebration with the kids after we got home from work. We bought a few pastries from the bakery (I had planned to get an ice cream cake from Cold Stone, but okay…) and then we got started.


Oskar is always keen on blowing the candle. We only had one, so we had several goes until he was satisfied with the overall performance…


… which was then befittingly celebrated.


Finally time for some pastry magic.


Once this was done, we could get started with the presents.


Our chief gift unwrapper got to work immediately:


And this meant that the scarf my mom had sent for Lamia got immediately confiscated and turned into the working gear of our little dervish.


On these occasions, little Thomas is just watching in wonder what the heck these big people around him are up to.


Lamia also got bedtime lecture…


… and tickets to “Wicked” (front row seats, *cough*, *cough*).


Happy birthday, pretty girl!

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