Inmates, the sequel


Oskar was 7 months old when I took a photo of him and his lookalike stuffed penguin. I’ve been planning to do a similar photo of Thomas, but I did not manage for several weeks. Today I got to it…


Now Thomas is 10 months old, so the comparison with the photo I took of Oskar is not as neat as in some other cases. This one here comes closest.


In fact, it was rather difficult to take the photo. Our routine with two kids is different than with just one and because I took the photo early morning I did not have the best light situation in the apartment.


Thomas did not want to sit still either, so I had to worry all the time he would make a leap off the couch…


He might not be walking, yet, but he’s a quick little rascal.
Luckily, I always caught him on time. And I managed to get these photos before he outgrows these jammies.

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