I’ve ordered some sneakers from Converse and some Levis jeans from the US via a freight forward service, because both companies are too uptight to ship globally (and likely screw up some margins).

The thing is: I would buy all that stuff in Singapore. Believe me, even though it might be cheaper in the US, the shipping cost of something rather bulky and heavy as sneakers will nullify that saving real quick (56 USD for two pairs from Converse, 27 USD for 3 pairs of jeans).
So: I would buy it here. If they let me. But most items I’d like are either not available altogether or not available in the size I need.

That’s funny, given that all of these are likely made just next door (well, or in Mexico). Also pisses me off quite a bit that neither company has proper online stores in the Asia Pacific region that ship to Singapore. Idiotic, but that’s really how it is.

I mean – it really boggles the mind… they have online storefronts that work fine in so many countries. It’s not like they have to re-invent the wheel. What keeps them from doing a proper online store in Asia?

Anyway. Regarding the jeans, I’ve ordered width 33 now, down an inch and following my continued weight loss. They are a little tight because I am not losing weight proportionately everywhere (read: I have fat legs). But I think it’ll work.

Sneakers look good, but I gotta try them out.
Oskar seems to like them already…


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  1. Why not every shopping site supports every country in the world? Because setting up the capability to efficiently handle financials and accounting behind those sites is not trivial. E.g. if you bought at, you as a customer would want to be able to pay in SGD, not USD and not pay high international transaction fees and unfavorable exchange rates for everyday items.

    From a company’s perspective, — sorry — a lot of fraudulent orders originate in south-east Asia. Been there, had to deal with it… The company I worked for “solved” the problem by simply not accepting orders from certain countries anymore. Sound familiar?

    There are service companies that specialize in this kind of financials and risk mitigation, but they want a cut, too.

    • Doesn’t have to be very country in the world and both companies have shops already in the region. So they obviously can handle the fees and x/c rate risks.
      Fraudulent orders? Sure. Prices can be higher and identity check can be more strict. It’s not like Singapore or Japan or Hong Kong or… are 3rd world countries.

      I will admit that maybe it’s the other way around: the order volume might not be sufficient to justify an online store.

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