Aggie and Thomas


It is funny how some of the photos we take of Thomas sometimes accidentally mirror photos we took of Oskar just 2 years earlier. I admit that in some cases it is planned, of course, and so are the pictures below.

Aggie had seen photos of Tess and Oskar on the terrace, with Oskar sitting on the table. Today she asked whether we should do the same with Thomas. I happily agreed (and had to convince her that she has to be on these photos as well).

Here is the little boy, as (nearly) always in a good mood:


We are really lucky with the help we are getting at home. When I took the photos of Oskar and Tess back then I wrote how great Tess was at her job and how much Oskar loves her. The same is true with Aggie.


She takes great care of all of us and both kids love her. There is clearly a similarly special bond between Aggie and Thomas. This makes sense, of course, given they are together so many hours nearly every day.


It’s also funny how different Thomas looks from Oskar now. He is nearly 11 months old now, 2 months younger than Oskar when I took the other photos, but it is very apparent that the two boys seem to develop a very different look. Both are ridiculously handsome, of course, but it’s still interesting to observe.

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