From Singapore to Mersing


As in most cases these days, I am backdating the following entries that share a little of our long weekend at Rawa Island in Malaysia. So chances are that you have read about that trip elsewhere already. But that’s okay – it’s not like I am writing this stuff here for you clowns out there…

Now: after Bernhard and Tatjana had arrived on Thursday, had powered through the day and finally had peacefully fallen asleep, we dragged them out of their beds this morning, and strapped them together with Oskar and Thomas into the shuttle bus that would take us to paradise.
Well, first it would of course take us to the border between Singapore and Malaysia of which I do not have fond memories. It was not that bad today, though. On a Friday morning there’s not a big crowd going to Malaysia and we passed through the Singaporean side and then the Malaysian side smoothly.


(fun fact: when you go in a bus instead of a car you actually have to step out each time and for the immigration into Malaysia you also need to drag your luggage with you)

Once we had crossed the borders, the shuttle bus took us to the town of Mersing. Bernhard and Tatjana were quite impressed to see monkeys sitting by the street and Oskar and Thomas were on their best behavior.
So this went well. The only weird thing was that we had to change shuttle busses midway because the bus that had picked us up was apparently only a backfill. The second bus was a little smaller, still okay, but the driver was obviously over tired and gave all the signs of a person who is desperately trying to stay awake. We told him he should take a break and have a coffee, but he always declined politely. Not that this made us feel better.

It also did not help that he was speeding like a hot blooded Latino who is rushing to get lucky.

I set my mind on insisting he stops at the next gas station. But it never came and then we were already at the resorts office in Mersing. Oh well…

Now we just had to wait for our boat.

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