The beach


Time to hit the beach. The trip from our doorstep to feet in the sand was pretty much 5 hours. This is not too bad, especially considering how fantastic this place is. White sand. Dreamy palm trees. Turquoise sea. Fish in the water.

Onkel Bert and Thomas agree.


(Oskar learned to say “Onkel Bernhard” very quickly, by the way. Too quickly from my point of view – I enjoyed that far too much)

Oskar found a favorite spot and had cheap labor power his entertainment expectations:



Bernhard and Tatjana soon went off snorkeling and were amazed by what they saw. Lamia followed suit and was as happy…


Lamia: This is awesome – you wanna go?
Leo: No! The sea is treacherous!

You can see the sky turned dark and a little thunderstorm passed through. Gotta love the contrasts…


Good thing this never lasts long and it was not long till the rain was gone and we could continue to enjoy lots of sun and island time before night fell.



Such. A. Great. Place.

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