Going home


Ah man, that sucks!
Our boat back to Mersing was scheduled for 2 pm.

We made the most out of the morning at the beach, showered, packed and then enjoyed one more time the buffet, followed by cocktails. When I picked my food, once of the guys at the buffet who I had always chit chatted with said:

Guy: Leaving today, huh?
Leo: Yeah, that’s really a pity. We like it here.
Guy: Well, everything good has to come to and end. But you know: when you book next time we’ll give you a 30% discount on the rooms.

Now look at that! It is definitely in the cards we’ll come again.

After lunch we were hanging out close to the jetty, enjoying the view, chasing peacocks, …

… and having another drink or two.

The boat came, we boarded and in 25 minutes we were back in Mersing where our shuttle bus waited for us. We got everything ready and left Mersing shortly before 3 pm with the goal to reach the border between Malaysia and Singapore earlier than 5 pm to avoid the Sunday night crowd at immigration.

Too bad, however, that on the way our shuttle got stopped by the police for a control. Something was not right and our two drivers were outside, talking and debating with the cops about whatever. While we were waiting inside the car more other cars were stopped and more people stranded at the checkpoint. And these other people looked like they were taken right out of a gangsta rap video. That’s sure okay, but I realized I like it better when they are separated from me by a TV screen, not just a car window. 

At one point, maybe after waiting 20 minutes for our drivers, I got so annoyed that I called the management office of Rawa Resort and told them that I am not happy they’ve put us into a shuttle that seems to have some issues with their tax status or the color of the car or the goatee of one of the drivers – who knows. We were at a stage where I got worried that we would have to eventually change shuttle bus. Not a great outlook when you are on the road with two kids and you try to avoid madness at Singapore immigration. The lady from the management office promised they would follow up.
Sure enough, a minute later our drivers were done with the police, mumbled something about their registration, but continued the ride. I told them that I had reached out to the Rawa management office and shortly after they got a call, indeed, and they passed the phone to me, so I could confirm everything was fine.

We were further slowed down by a massive downpour, thunder and lightning, but finally reached the border shortly after 5 pm. It was much more crowded than on the Friday, but the traffic jam before border control was not too bad and while there were long queues at the immigration desks, we still made it through in an acceptable time. We reached home around 7 pm, not much later than normal to start the usual bed time routine for the kids.

Both Oskar and Thomas fell asleep quickly and then we could finally sit down and relax from the trip.
But what a great trip this had been!

Bernhard and Tatjana will leave tomorrow for Indonesia.

And Lamia and I?
Well, we are not coming and will go to the office like the good, industrious company drones that we are.

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