Water play


Rawa Island Resort is awesome. I guess I do not need to repeat this anymore after the previous entries. This island is an amazing place and it beats every other resort we have visited before (which were pretty great as well, by the way). We all liked it and Bernhard rightfully said at one point:

Bernhard: This is a fantastic place – no problem to stay here for another week!

Tatjana took a photo of Bernhard and I in the sea and also captured the ensuing water battle.

There’s a cool thing about that jetty in the back: you might remember from this entry here that I am sort of hesitant when it comes to snorkeling. Turns out there’s no need for it anyway. When you walk over to that jetty and explore the water below it which is in the shadows, you actually walk through three different, huge swarms of fish. From small to I’d say medium large, from grayish to colorful.
I’ve never seen this in my life before and Oskar and I spend some fun time chasing the fish.

We even watched larger fish, predators, which presumably were out to get some lunch.

While we were there, Oskar and I also tried out the big water slide on top of the jetty (you can see a photo of it from afar in this entry). Very exciting. Not only for Oskar, but also for me. This is a pretty long slide and the last meters are actually quite bumpy, followed by a decent drop into the water. So I was mostly concerned in ensuring that Oskar was sitting safely on my lap and did not go head under water when we splashed into the sea.

It was great!

(Not as great: I think there is not enough water on the slide when you have a, hum, certain weight. I took the slide three times: twice alone and once with Oskar, and at that last, bumpy bit I felt each time a hot, stinging sensation. And indeed, I had a hole in my swim trunks. Not a biggie, but this and the lack of (optional) parasols are the only improvement suggestions I have for Rawa Island).

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