Delayed revenge


When Tatjana was little and I came visiting in California, she started a horrible tradition, which was: wake up uncle Leo by jumping into his bed. I wrote about this on my blog, though the very earliest occasions happened before I started to write it.

If you look at the treasure chest photos I uncovered a while ago, the second last photo in that entry shows Tatjana trying to sneak into the guest room I was sleeping in. Sometimes she even rounded up support for this, like when we were visiting friends in Bavaria with her.

In later years she got much sweeter, like here, where she and Pascal surprised me with a “breakfast”.
Have I forgiven her his terrible torture that I had to endure over the years? 

Hell, no!

So I huddled with Oskar this morning to plan for an attack:

Leo: Hey, willst Du Tatjana aufwecken?
Oskar: Au ja! 
Leo: Wir schleichen uns ganz leise ins Zimmer und dann springst Du in Tatjanas Bett.
Oskar: Ja!
Leo: Und dann springst Du auf ihr rum. Und ziehst ihr die Decke weg. Und kitzelst sie an den Füßen…

Oskar was excited.

We entered the room and there they were: Bernhard and Tatjana, sleeping. I was trembling with anticipation.

Leo: This is going to be awwwwwe-some!

We were standing in front of the bed.
But Oskar was not moving.

Leo: Okay, kleiner Mann. Los geht’s!

And what did my son say?

Oskar: Nein, ich will nicht.

No-no-no-no-no-no! This is not happening!

I was trying to gently push him towards the bed, but he did not want to follow through my meticulously prepared revenge. Even when Bernhard opened his eyes and silently waved him into the bed, Oskar did not want to go.

Sigh. By now, everybody was awake, of course (and still pretended to be sleeping), but only when Tatjana opened her eyes and invited Oskar to join her, he would finally jump into the bed.

Well. This is not how my revenge was supposed to go, but at the same time I’m very proud of my sweet and friendly boy.

I’ll try again when we see Tatjana in the future…
And I don’t care whether Oskar is then 4 or 12 or 2: he is going to jump into that bed and wake her up!

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