Lazy beasts


Today we took Bernhard and Tatjana to the Singapore Zoo. And I made a pretty serious decision:

Leo: I won’t bring my camera!

Yes, I’ve been to the zoo multiple times, but there’s always a chance to take some amazing photos. Not taking my camera to have more time to focus on my kids was hence a big decision (and indication how much I love my boys :) ).

We started with the elephant feeding show (which has changed location), which was pretty cool. The new location provides more space for the visitors and it was easy to get one of the baskets with food, so Oskar actually fed an elephant (video on the family photo stream).

Everybody else took photos, but I later purchased this shot taken by one of the official zoo photographers.

Oskar is not on the photo. After feeding he was done with the elephants and did not want to join us there. I still took a wefie of him and me afterwards, though I look eeriely creepy on it:

We strolled to the different animal attractions afterwards, but we were less lucky than usual: most of the animals were hanging rather lazily in their enclosures. The cats of prey were particularly disappointing, though the white tigers were finally giving us some action when we passed by their enclosure for the third(!) time.

We like the Splash Safari show so we made sure we’d watch it. It was again quite nice and Oskar seemed to like it, too. The line for an official photo with the sea lion after the show was not long, so Oskar and I had our photo taken there again. 

I was surprised, though, that the seas lion seemed to have forgotten some of the tricks he had shown the first time we went there. Well, if you look at the photos of him in this entry, you will see why: it’s a different sea lion now.

Oh, and here is one of those opportunities to see how much your kids are growing. This is Oskar today, sitting on the tortoise sculpture at the giant turtle compound.

Now have a look at this entry again and scroll down to near the end where you can see Oskar pretty much two years ago, sitting on the same sculpture. Photo comparisons like this blow my mind…

We also had lunch at the zoo, but the crowds were crazy and service was ridiculously bad. I am not sure whether it’s the fact that they currently renovate large parts of the zoo, but in some respect it felt a little neglected compared to our last visit a year ago.

It’s still a nice place to visit, of course, but I hope they’ll have fixed all the little signs that rubbed me the wrong way by the time we visit next.

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