And here I am in Germany.

My flight was quite nice: check-in in Singapore did not take an hour, but just three minutes and I sailed through all the immigration and security checks smoothly. While I was waiting at the gate I watched a French family who had two boys, pretty much in the same age as Oskar and Thomas. The parents were walking with the baby and pulling the older son who was sitting on one of those children suitcases which are meant as both luggage and toy (maybe we should get one of those). Just seeing this made me already sad that I would not see Oskar and Thomas for such a long time.

Premium Economy on the flight was really pleasant: the space is of course larger than normal steerage, but it was way larger than I had expected. And the entertainment system on this flight was no worse than what I have seen on many business class flights (the large screen was particularly good). If I’d have any complaints about the system it’s that the headphone connection (in fact a straight 3.5 mm headphone jack) of my seat was a little fiddley and if you fully pushed the connector into the jack, you’d only get audio in mono. Pulling it out by a fraction of a millimeter would then get me stereo.

It worked to watch Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War. The Batman vs Superman movie is not really great, but it is good to kill some time. And – damn! – I love Gal Gadot. She is so intriguing and beautiful, I’d watch the upcoming Wonder Woman movie.

The latest installment of the Captain America franchise is as good as the Winter Soldier but not as mind blowing as I had expected after reading the review by Wortvogel. Nevertheless, I do look forward to the next Marvel super hero movies.

One more inconvenience during the flight was that I could not change the seat to a more comfortable sleeping position. I think I should have been able to, but while one of the buttons flipped up a leg rest, the second one – which I would have expected was there to bring the seat into a more comfy resting position – did not seem to do anything. I did not ask anyone about it – I was actually happy with the space I had and even though I woke up a few times because my legs hurt or my back hurt, I did not feel too bad and rested enough.

I arrived comparably fresh at Frankfurt airport, picked up my luggage, changed to the terminal with the train station where I still had time for a German welcome treat before I took the ICE to Fulda. In Fulda I had a German good-you’re-here treat and then took the train to Göttingen. And I got to say once more: the ICE is such a great train! I sure don’t travel often enough in Germany by train to understand why people bitch and bicker about Deutsche Bahn, but my experience was once more nearly flawless (meaning: I arrived with a few minutes delay – but this did not matter to me).

In Göttingen my parents were picking me up and took me to Abbeke, where their golden wedding anniversary will be celebrated today. I felt this happy jolt when I saw my parents standing there at the station and for a few seconds felt again like their little boy.

Some things don’t change…

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