Morgens, halb sieben in Deutschland


I was awake at 6:30 am.
I think it might have been even 6 am. I don’t know anymore and I do not really register how early it is when I get up. With the kids at home I normally get up at 5:45 am, so anything later than that is a luxury. I also enjoy now being up so early while the world is seemingly still asleep. So I wanted to take my shower, get slowly ready and be downstairs in the breakfast room some time between 7 and 8 am.

Maybe doing some simple edits on the photos from yesterday night. I am writing this blog for a while now nearly exclusively on the iPad Pro, which also includes photo editing (this leaves much to be desired, but I will write more about this another time). So doing this with a hot cup of coffee sounded like a good plan.

But I had not considered something important…
I got ready, I grabbed my iPad and my camera, went downstairs, walked to the restaurant… just to find the door locked. I peeked through the windows, but nobody seemed to be inside. Right. At this time on a weekend, in a hotel in the German bush, nobody is preparing breakfast just yet (unless you have asked for it the evening before). So there I was, with all my fancy gear, and stood like a moron in front of a heavy wooden door. 

Hum. I did not want my walk downstairs to be a total loss. The hotel garden had peeked my interest yesterday already, so I took a few photos there:

This is a dartboard, hanging in a seating area at the guesthouse entrance.

I guess this one here is some kind of a thermometer?
Anyway, it made for a nice photo, too.

Funny they have a classic German beach chair standing here, too…

And this is purely for decoration in the garden, I suppose.
Or it is a scarecrow for insects, who knows?

After these few photos there was not much more for me to do than just return to my room, edit the photos and wait till 8 am or so, which was the time I guessed the restaurant would open for breakfast.

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