The little Amazon elves have been busy again


When I arrived yesterday at my parent’s place, lots of things had been delivered for me to take back to Singapore already. I loved that my cool wife had even thought of a little something for me to play with…

I love these Perplexus puzzlers and this one even comes with Star Wars sound effects – how cool is that?

But there was more than just what we had ordered: to my utter surprise, my dad bought a home trainer, which first stood for a while right at the house’s entrance, because it was too heavy for my parents to carry two floors up (these beasts are heavy). Then my mom found someone who carried the thing up for a beer and this is how I found it.

As a matter of course, I am supportive of any physical activity, so I assembled the home trainer today.

I am actually impressed how easy it was to assemble the whole thing and how all the necessary tools were included through some clever, multi-purpose jigs.

Now my dad only has to use it…

Lamia: You have to buy him a training shirt. It’s a new toy, so you should get him something he can use with it…

Not a bad idea, I thought, but I know better than not to first run it carefully by my dad. His reaction did not encourage me to go through with this, so he’ll have to wear whatever he has…

I am curious how much he is going to use it :)

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