With me visiting in Germany, Alex did not only suggest to meet; he actually took a day off so we could spend some time together.

I don’t want to get all touchy-feely here, but *man*: what an awesome friend!

I had just finished assembling the home trainer yesterday when Alex called and we decided after some back and forth to go and visit Tübingen.

And so it came that this morning I first passed by Lutz bakery (which, to my dismay, replaced Boger), bought a collection of buns and walked over to Alex’ place where he, Silke and Fabian were already waiting for the baked goodies.

After a relaxed breakfast in wonderful company, Alex and I hit the road. Tübingen is a lovely town and we first climbed up Stiftskirche and enjoyed the view and the excellent weather.

It’s a nice church and when we left I asked the man at the entrance to the tower how high the church tower is. Apparently he’s being asked that question a lot, so he showed us a piece of paper with a little puzzle:

  1. The tower has 180 steps.
  2. One step is 25 cm.
  3. From the viewing platform it’s another 11 m to the very top, and this number is, conveniently, also the sum of the digits of the tower’s height.

Like for everybody else, it took me seconds to figure out the height. But I, of course, could not help but smugly and matter-of-factly state the answer before he was even done with explaining his puzzle. I know it should not, but this made me feel all smart and clever.

After Stiftskirche we continued to Schloss Hohentübingen where we first had a look back at Stiftskirche. As you can see, Alex is as committed to get the right shot as I am…

Inside the castle is a museum and there was one big sculpture sitting in the center of the courtyard: the head of emperor Augustus.

A perfect motive to try out some stuff…

Going nose to nose…

After the castle we continued exploring the center, had ice cream and some Döner and just enjoyed the picturesque walk through the little alleyways.

We left Tübingen in the early afternoon and headed to Ludwigsburg so I could get some of my shopping done (mainly shirts, belts, … you know: things I have trouble finding in Singapore).

What a great day. I loved going some place, seeing something different and just hang out with Alex. We don’t get to do this very often and I truly cherish the time we could spend together.
Luckily we’ll have dinner tomorrow night, too :)

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  1. Den Tag frei zu nehmen war nicht ganz uneigennützig, denn wie oft habe schon ich die Gelegenheit mit meinem besten Freund aus Singapur ‘um die Häuser zu ziehen’?

    Wir hatten wirklich einen super schönen Tag und ich habe Ihn in vollen Zügen genossen.

    Wenn Sie endlich das Beamen erfinden (Scotty hat es doch auch hinbekommen ;-), dann könnten wir abends nach der Arbeit regelmäßig zusammen weggehen…verflixte Entfernung…

    Freue mich auch schon auf das Abendessen morgen.

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