Big shopping day


One of the great things being in Germany is of course that I can buy a lot of things I cannot get in Singapore. Duh, you say, but I had sort of forgotten how much fun it is to buy things in a shop, where people speak your native language (though they might not be more useful than whatever joker serves you in Asia, to be honest) and discover things you might not have thought of.

My mom drove with me to Stuttgart and we first hit Spielwaren Kurtz to get some toys for Oskar and Thomas. Their birthdays are coming up, so I had to find something nice. And: Oskar did not like it at all that I left home for a long, scary time (well, for a 3-year-old that is) and he demanded that I would bring him a mobile crane as a souvenir.

No pressure.

Turns out that Kurtz did not have the mobile crane from Duplo, which I wanted to get. Bad timing: they change their catalogue in September and construction site toys with all kinds of roadwork machinery and cranes and stuff will be only available then again. Darn! I did get a nice Fisherprice toy for Thomas (his birthday present from his grand parents), though, and also a cute little car as his souvenir.

Here’s a poor photo of that car. I like how the plastic pearls jump about so nice and busy when it rolls…

Afterwards we went to Wittwer, a well-assorted bookshop. Looking for children’s books for both Oskar’s and Thomas’ age was a blast! This is what Amazon cannot give me: the fun of digging through hundreds of books for an hour. My mom was patiently waiting while the pile of books next to her was slowly growing. And I bought the most lovely books, including the one with an integrated hand puppet, a story of what happens in the zoo at night when the guard locks all the cages, more beautiful picture books, wonderfully illustrated storybooks, … you name it!

So great!
And I spent… erg… 192 Euro on these books. Hum. That’s more than I thought, but then again, this should be supply for several months. 

Right after this we went to the sports shop next door. Adult running shoes exist in Singapore but the choice is not great and I often will not find what I am looking for: Asics, size 14 in a color I like. I am running roughly 1000 km in a good year and this is why I virtually have to get new running shoes every year if I do not want to torture my knees even more.

But at least I know what I want. The sales girl had clearly found her passion in selling running shoes. She figured out which Asics shoe I am using (Gel Cumulus) and came up with further options from Asics and Adidas which were at least interesting (though not my cup of tea). I did some running on the shop’s treadmill and confirmed pretty quickly that the regular Asics Gel Cumulus were what I wanted. I got some additional socks and a running short on top and then went to pay. The girl was ringing up my purchases and got into some small talk…

Sales girl: I liked you right away when I saw your shirt.
[pointing at my Millenium Falcon shirt]
Leo: Well, who does not like that, eh?
Sales girl: My ex-boyfriend did not…

Wait a minute, is she hitting on me?
I probed a bit what she thought about The Force Awakens while she packed the shoes and the rest in a bag. Then she showed me the payslip…

Sales girl: So, this is our phone number and this is my name…
[writes her name on the payslip]
Sales girl: If you have any questions, you can call me here.

Oh, come on! She is *totally* hitting on me!

Sales girl: And you can also participate in a survey and rate your buying experience…

Ah. Or maybe not?
You know what? – I’ll file this under “I still got it”.

Next, we had some lunch.

I ordered what I thought was a fruit bowl and what turned out to be some cold fruit soup. Still surprisingly good…

Then we drove to Ludwigsburg where I spent some more money on toys at Zinthäfner (Oskar’s birthday present from his grand parents and the mobile crane, yay!), got lots of stuff at Müller drugstore and then finally could go back home.

Here’s another poor photo, this time of that important mobile crane:

There I faced of course another dilemma: how will I get all the stuff that Lamia ordered via Amazon (also a lot of books and also including a huge baby cot mattress I had ordered separately) plus the pile I bought yesterday and today into my suitcases?

I brought three, but I admit I am getting a bit worried…

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