Look: I have good friends in Belgium. In fact, there are people I really care about and I do not want to be unfriendly or disrespectful to them. But heck! – when the train today crossed from Germany into Belgium and when I eventually arrived at Brussels Midi Station, here’s is what I thought:


Like, I-stepped-into-dog-poop “ewwwww”.
There was nothing I saw where I thought: hey, Brussels – you’re not that bad after all. No, Sir! My thoughts were more like: thank god I am out of here!

Now, who knows: maybe I’ll be back one day. Sure – I cannot rule that out. But being now back in Brussels, this ugly, sad reflection of a city did not give me the slightest inclination of wanting to move back here ever again. I had similar feelings when I was here last time. Back then I thought that I might have been tired from jetlag or it was because of the cold winter weather. This time I was not jet lagged and it was nice weather.

I guess it’s Brussels. I  started to dislike Brussels after a few years living in Belgium and since then my feelings for this city have not changed. 

 Well: technically, the next few days I won’t be in Brussels and there is a lot I am looking forward to.

Let’s do this…

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