4 years later


I did not plan for it, because I am a terrible planner,  but yesterday Nadia wrote to me after she had seen updates on Facebook and asked me whether I was actually in Belgium. I am. And sweet as she is, and despite the fact that I had not gotten in touch before this, she invited me over for a visit.

Alice kindly gave me her car, I downloaded offline Google maps and I was good to go.

Nadia and Andi live now in a nice house with their cute kids, a big garden, a huge trampoline, a sailing boat, a bee hive under the rain gutter and – of course – a bus as old as the world which Andi smartly got for a very reasonable price. Something to do trips with and to tinker with – just the right toy for him, I guess. :)

While there, they also contacted Ioana and Jeroen. Turns out they had a little bit of time for me as well, so later I drove to their place and said hi there, too. They still live in their old house that I know well from so many visits, but they showed me the plans for their new house: a stunning, cleverly conceived building with all the bells and whistles one can imagine. Construction has started and I gotta say this truly piqued my interest – I wonder how this will look like once it’s finished.

This was an awesome evening! I am so happy I saw all these guys again (and that they were actually kind enough to have me on such short notice, too). 

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