Lots of love. Lots of fun. Lots of bad music.


There were two reasons why I came to Europe out of the usual order. The first reason was the golden anniversary of my parents. I actually was invited to the wedding of Stefaan and Flo – the second reason – before I knew that my parents were celebrating, but 50 years still weigh more than a wedding that takes place after the couple has been living a few years in sin. So, yep, the golden anniversary became reason number one and reason number two was the obvious attempt of two sinners to burn in hell forever.
I would have still gone to Stefaan’s and Flo’s wedding, but the fact that both events were within a few days of each other made the decision to travel to Europe much easier, of course.

(And I enjoyed the label of being the person who traveled furthest to come to both events, of course, and I carried it proudly)

So yesterday was the wedding and I am just back at Alice’s and Ante’s place and here’s my recollection of the day.
After Alice, Claire and Kathy had their hair done, they took me for lunch at Le Pain Quotidien in Wemmel (nice new location) and after that we drove to the wedding place, somewhere in the deep, dark bush of Belgium.

The location was the garden of Stefaan’s brother and wife, if I recall right, and they had set up a huge tent. Before we got there, we ran into a bunch of familiar faces when we parked the car. I will say so much: I was pleasantly surprised to see a few people and outright shocked to see one person or the other, whom age had not treated nicely.

As we entered the place, I was delighted, of course, to run into Francisco and Kim, Delal, Kornelia and a bunch of other folks whom I had not seen in such a long time. And: the weather was awesome, too. Everything was indicating this would become a beautiful wedding. When it was time, everybody got seated under a bright blue sky and the ceremony, hosted not by a priest but by family and friends, started. 

And the bride looked stunning…

And what an emotional ceremony. Most of the things that were said, were said in French, Flemish and English. And when it came to the wedding vows, it became even more emotional and I had a lump in my throat.

Kudos to Stefaan and Flo that they pulled off the vows in front of everybody. There’s a reason why I did not want to do that at my wedding – at this day you are so emotionally loaded that I would have easily turned into a crying wreck, right there at the altar. Those two did very well, though.

Then there were hors d’oeuvres, drinks and I had a great time catching up with folks.
Oh look, there’s Delal. Looking good, looking good…

They had a friend taking photos throughout the day for the wedding and I have a lot of respect for that: not being a professional and taking the responsibility of shooting the “official” photos for a weeding is pretty huge. And nitty-picky ass that I am, I immediately found fault in the way he set up the total wedding party for the group photo. Anyway… I am sure the most important people are there (yes, I think I could have done it better, but then again, I am very happy I could just enjoy the celebration).

Speaking of most important people:

Even more important:

I was at a table with Francisco and Kim, Olivier and wife, Kaat and Philippe and … erg… some other nice couple whose names escape me. And we had a good time.

Pity that Jimmy was not there (he was ploughing through the underbelly of Georgia or Azerbaijan with a second hand jeep instead of getting drunk with us cool dudes). 

Eventually the speeches, presentations and dinner was done and it was time for the opening dance:
The party got started – a moment that I am hopeful for. And a moment I am dreading.

You might recall that I am always bitching about DJs at the wedding I am going to. This was true for Andi and Nadia’s wedding, it was true for Ioana and Jeroen’s wedding and it was also true for Francisco and Kim’s wedding.

The music at my wedding was awesome, by the way, thanks for asking.

So where would this weddding fall under? A messy collection of songs that you just don’t want to listen to anymore, or a great potpourri of great (and recent) dance music. Stefaan had raised my expectations quite a bit.

Stefaan: I can guarantee one thing – the music will be great!

Yeah. Dude, I love you! – but it wasn’t.
The DJ was… I don’t know: confused? He clearly did not know how to build up a fire on the dance floor and carefully kindle it. So I was not happy. I did dance throughout the evening, and I will admit I had also fun. But it took a while until I got started and I am getting frustrated when you get a totally not fitting song after a really great one.

Anyway. I cannot say that I did not enjoy myself…

So great to be here and to see all those friends.
I left the party with Ante and Alice close to 3 am. Later today will be a BBQ at Stefaan’s and Flo’s house and in the afternoon I will already have to get back to Midi station, take the train to Charles de Gaulle and then my flight back home.

Time flies…

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