Flight prep


We had to get up relatively early today. Our flight to Bali is around 8 am and to get all of us ready (plus the kids) takes some time. We did okay, though, and we hit the airport with our two cabs just around 6:20 am or so.

Check-in and immigration went easy enough and we had plenty of time to get to our gate. I used the time to go to an Apple shop to buy a new charger for my iPad Pro. I’ll still get a replacement for the broken one, regardless how difficult Apple is going to make the process. But I decided to get the special 29W power brick that requires a USB to Lightning cable and is said to power this iPad in no time (also works with a MacBook, but the faster charging won’t help with an iPhone or any other iPad).

The others were waiting at the nearby Starbucks (and look, Mira is working there now) and when I met them, a freshly brewed Latte was already waiting for me. I used the time to also get some Panadol, just in case I’ll need some paracetamol which I had forgotten to bring – you never know. While doing that I took an accidental, but excellent shot of Oskar:


Looks like a drug addict, looking for his fix.

We then continued to our gate, went through security and settled in the waiting area. Not sure Oskar and Amelia approve of the plane…


Just a few minutes now and we should be on our way…

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