Beach boys


This morning we packed our bags and we walked down the street. Tales were told that at the end of this street there would be the beach and the sea.

And the tales were true…


But I got to say it’s not a nice beach. Once I saw this sad brownish rubble, I was a bit turned off. We walked a little along the wild sea and after a few meters found a beach café that rented out long chairs with parasols. We took two and explored the place a little more.

It was good to have protection from the sun now, but digging in this sand was just not as enjoyable as it had been in places where they have white sand, you know what I mean? The other problem was that the sea was just too wild.

The waves you see there in the back on the photo are quite high already and the undertow of the water, as it pulls back into the sea, is enough to make you fall – really nothing you want to take your kids into.

We still had a good time and we played ball and took some nice photos and videos. But I still got to say I was disappointed. I guess we all had hoped the villa was closer to a white kinda beach with gentle waves. Instead, this is really a place for surfers.

Alice and I later walked to the town center to buy food and in fact passed by a stretch of this beach which was full of surfers.

I am not sure I want to come back here…

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