Night visitor


So, our night routine here in the villa is that we put Thomas to bed. Then we put Oskar to bed. They sleep in the same room with us, but Thomas does not wake up (or is not disturbed) when we read something to Oskar before we turn off the light and he sleeps, too. This works pretty well.
Then later, Lamia and I join and we take turns in the connected bathroom. One of us gets ready, brushes teeth and so on, while the other one is waiting his or her turn in the dark room with the sleeping kids.

Tonight, I was waiting for Lamia to finish in the bathroom and when she opened the door she waved at me to come in. I walked over and she whispered…

Lamia: I think something moved in my toilet bag!

Huh! I carefully started to take items one by one out of her bag aaaaand… huh!

Leo: Yep. Something’s crawling inside…

We both had panic in our eyes, but I am the guy, so well…
What do you think it was? It’s a cockroach, you think! Right? A cockroach! Typical! These foreign countries – they just don’t have the cockroach population under control, have they?!

But it was…

A cockroach. Of course it was! With a beautiful back marking, by the way. Very nice. But: it’s a cockroach, so it’s gotta go, no matter the beauty of its back.

And then I botched catching and killing it.
It escaped under the sink where I could not reach it. Or see it.

The normal process is that I have to kill the bug. And then I have to flush the mortal remains down the toilet. Twice. Lamia does not like when I do not kill the bug.

And while she worried about what the cockroach, that escaped from death, sitting under the sink was now plotting to do to us during our sleep, I thought:

Leo: Huh! We have all our suitcases in sitting outside in the open space living room of the villa. And all of the zippers are open. Anything can crawl in there. For several days now. We’re going to have an army of cockroaches in our luggage when we get home…

Good night.

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