Resorting to the resort


The mediocre beach had made us think about alternatives: where could we go to enjoy a nice, sweet-sweet beach? There were of course several options, but they were too far to go just on a hunch and on one or two referrals in Google.

So yesterday we decided to go for a safer option instead: Lamia had found out that many of the expensive beach resorts actually offer day passes which enable a visitor to use the facilities, hang at their pools and their beach. And it turned out that a place Lamia and I knew and could vouch for – the Laguna & Spa Resort – had such an offer at a very reasonable price (in fact, most of the paid amount was returned as vouchers which could be spent at the resort restaurants or spa – perfect).

When I called them, this seemed to be a bigger challenge, however:

Leo: Hi, I’d like to get five day passes for the resort.
Phone droid:  Five what?
Leo: Day passes. It’s offered on your website.
Phone droid: I don’t know this…
Leo: Well, I am looking at *your* website – I can read it to you!

Hard to believe, but I had three very similar phone calls like that where they were utterly clueless about what I wanted. During the third call we agreed I’d send them an email. Utterly exasperated, I then discovered a form on the website where I could request the day passes and this finally got confirmed in the evening.

We arranged for transportation this morning, drove to Nusa Dua and not much later…


But more about that in the next entry.

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