*This* is what I call a beach!


So we did make it to the Laguna & Spa. And boy, this place has not changed much since 2013 (which is a good thing, just in case you’ve wondered). After I had sorted out the administrative stuff (funny enough at the actual Spa, not the reception), a choice had to be made.

Leo: The beach or the pool?

Stupid question, I guess…


Lamia: Ah! – la mer!

(and she says this with a tone of someone who cheekily greets an old friend she randomly ran into on a street, pretending a bit of over-excitement by pronouncing the “e” in “mer” overly long)

Now, I am not really a beach person and I am not a sea person, either, …

Leo: The sea is treacherous!

… but it was low tide and I gotta admit: man, this was nice!


Alice and Amelia also enjoyed this big time.


And why wouldnt they? – i’t was awesome! We were hanging with the kids in the shallow waters. It was warm. It was pleasant. No big waves spoiled the fun – just great! And when we got too hot in the sun, it was just a quick walk and we were sheltered by trees and parasols.


We also brought again the little kids pool which we placed in the shadows, so the water play could continue no matter whether we were relaxing at the long chairs or at the sea.


We did have lunch at some point, but right after we were back in the water.


Lamia: Ah! – la mer!


It’s also nice to see how Oskar and Amelia play more and more with each other. They clearly have gotten used to the idea of the other one being around and some bonding seems to have happened…


Lamia: Ah! – la mer!


The day had to end eventually, so we put everybody in a towel…


… packed our staff and had an ice cream before waving good bye.


Thank you, Laguna & Spa – this was fantastic!

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