We jump. We splash. We swim.


Oskar: Heehee – I am going to ride that wild sea horse like nobody has ridden a wild sea horse before!


Yes, it’s another day (in fact our last one here), and we are just about to get ourselves once more a little pool action.


Oskar’s excitement for water is a mixed bag. He hates to have his head under water (more than what I observe with other kids, though I will say that he suspiciously reminds me of myself when I was little), but I gotta hand to him: he knows how to jump!


And one more. And one more. And now further. And now closer. And again. And again…. – you know, catching a little bundle of energy that jumps without much of a warning in all kinds of ways into the water is hard work!
After countless jumps he eventually slowed down a little and gave Papa a break…


… which meant I got to push him down the pool, then up the pool, then down the pool and then repeat everything until he had enough of it. And this took a little while, too.

Nevertheless I am happy to report that while my early attempts were not perfect, yet, I’ve now mastered Ante’s “present your child”-pose:


See? – who says you cannot be productive in a pool?

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