Goodbye, Villa Bunia


Today’s our last day at our villa. And I have to say: from a pure housing point of view this is  just a beautiful and really great place to stay. I mean: take a look at the photos of the place. It’s super, super nice and I really enjoyed the stay. Lamia’s smiling a big smile for a reason here:


Would I go again, however? No. The place is a bit off the beaten track when it comes to buying food and it was always painful to make sure that restaurants that deliver food got the address right (okay: that’s also a pronunciation problem on our side). Going by yourself and picking up the grub is the better option in that respect, of course, but no decent restaurant is in reasonable walking distance. It also did not help that the (very nice) guys who rented the place out and / or helped with tips and tricks had half their information wrong and also did not do a great job in explaining a key item like the phone – which turned out to be a cell phone. That wasn’t actually clear and we ran into issues when the service suddenly stopped. That’s kind of unsettling when this is your most important tool you need to order food, for example.
I also did not like that nobody told us before the cleaning of the pool that we would not be able to go inside for 24 hours. This would have been okay if the nearby beach was nice and the sea was not a raging monster that is just waiting to pull you into its dark embrace – but well

So, unless you are a surfer, the beach and sea are likely not to your taste. And for the little errands that are needed every day, we should have rented a motorbike to run these more easily (it is manageable without: most days I bought breakfast by walking 15 minutes to a bakery and back). Taxis are more or less available, but it would be nicer if you were not depending on one to handle heavy bags after going to the super market or getting food from one of the good restaurants, none of which are close to the villa. We also had quite a few taxi drivers who clearly tried to cheat. e.g. by not turning on the meter – it’s not a big deal to handle, but its unnecessary annoyance).

Wifi was also very spotty. It’s there, but while I understand that the speed is not great, not getting a connection just to the router and likewise frequent connection failures to the router are just annoying. Again: not a big deal, but annoying. I fixed this a little by placing the router differently, but it was still a pain in the neck.

I still enjoyed myself a lot here and we all did. But I learned that when you are going the Airbnb route, you either know the place already to a certain extent or there are a few more checks you need to do about the surroundings of a place (which is not necessarily easy, depending where it is, of course).


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