Day 2


Today was the second day at Oskar’s new school. This time it was supposed to be again one hour in the class room, but without the parents. I was wondering how this would go: Oskar has been through a similar process twice already: first at Caelum Junior and then at the Montessori school. So, maybe –  I thought – maybe Oskar will be all cool and suave about the third time?

He wasn’t.

The moment he figured out that this time we would be leaving him behind, he was crying and desperately trying to come with us. Oh! My! God! Lamia has been through this in both previous instances, but being there myself this time was giving me a taste of just how heart breaking this wa. Oskar was clinging to Lamia and she went like…

Lamia: Go, go – quick! Out of sight!

… while I moved away and sheepishly watched through the window of the class room. With the help of the teachers Lamia eventually got away, too, but we both felt terrible. Meanwhile, Oskar continued to scream and shout (while all the other kids played nicely). Lamia and I retreated to one cafeteria and then to another one because parents are not allowed to mix with the students which just had a break in the first one. Okay…

15 minutes later I sneaked to the class room to see how Oskar was doing. To my dismay, there was no change: he was still crying and the teachers had not yet convinced him that it certainly would be nice to play with the many colorful toys in the room. I ran into the assistant teacher who assured me that things would be okay eventually…

And she was right.
Next time I checked, Oskar did not play, but was watching from afar how the other kids were playing. And when we picked him up after an hour he was happily playing like everybody else. 

We walked back to the bus stop and he was in a really good mood.

Overall not such a bad second day, actually…

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