Photo workflow


I am writing most of my entries on this blog on my iPad Pro these days.

(Disclaimer: the exception is right now… as I type this it is actually October 3 and I am still one month behind with my blog entries. And as the past weeks were photography heavy, this is much easier and better on my Mac.)

This works actually pretty good. There are two main issues with this:

  1. The WordPress iOS app is shit. It really is. It is missing many of the features of the web app and does not add much convenience over it. I can of course use the web app, but if you are in a place where the internet connection is not great, an app on your phone or tablet could have advantages.
    I wished WordPress owner Automattic Inc would get their shit together on this – I am actually considering moving to Squarespace which I have not done in the past because Squarespace’s support of ftp servers was non-existent. Given that I have started using WordPress servers for my images in the meantime, there is ironically little that keeps my with WordPress now.
  2. The existing photography workflows on the iPad are still not cutting it. That’s very frustrating, particularly because the iPad is now 5 years in the market and you would think that someone would have cracked this in the meantime. What I need is a system where I can shoot with my DSLR, get the RAW images on the iPad, edit them as I would on my Mac and then ideally have an edit sync between the iPad and the Mac once I am back home. So, I want to download the same photos from my camera to the Mac and the system would see that I have already done editing on the iPad, syncs the information with the Mac and I have identical data.
    Yes, you could argue this should be all in the cloud, but a RAW photo is huge – I don’t want to upload 200 RAW photos to the cloud each time I come from a photo trip. And no, I am not ready to edit in RAW and only save in JPEG.

On the latter, my hope was Lightroom.
I am using Lightroom since version 1.0 and I like it. But, alas, Lightroom is made by Adobe, which is a company making great software, but at the same time a bunch of crooks on the commercial side and completely useless when envisioning a user friendly future. The initial workflow they introduce with Lightroom for iOS was complete bullshit – but the latest version gave me hope. And while I really don’t like Adobe, I love Lightroom to pieces, so I downloaded it to my iPad Pro to give it a try.

I also invested in a memory card reader.


Up to now I used the Wifi interface between my Canon 6D and my iOS devices to simply transfer photos between camera and phone / tablet. This only supports low resolution jpegs, though (so there is a reason if you noticed lower quality images on my blog in recent months). This card reader supports transferring RAWs.

I have played a bit with Lightroom on my iPad and the user interface is not too bad. Not all the functions of the desktop version are there, but I have to figure out whether I’ll miss these or not.

I’ll write updates here as I learn more…

(Disclaimer: like I said, today is one month later from when I bought the card reader and while my free trial month with Lightroom Mobile passed in the meantime, I did not have any time to play with this and run a few trials between editing a photo on the Mac and on the iPad Pro. I will still do that, but bear with me :) )

One more thing: I truly believe that the company who will figure out a smart way to enable a great photo editing workflow on a tablet (for professionals and semi-professionals) has the opportunity to make a lot of money.

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