When Oskar was born we bought a Fisher Price bouncer chair for him. The chair looked huge when Oskar was a tiny baby after birth, but it would not take long that he outgrew it. Then Thomas came and used the same chair to hang out – until he outgrew it, too.

In the meantime, the bouncer also started to fall apart and today we decided to throw it out.


We really liked that bouncer, but notice that big plastic box at the bottom? It carries the batteries for a vibration feature. Sounds great, but is a pile of bull – nobody needs that. If you consider buying a bouncer, just go with a simple one. It’ll do… ah, wait: try to get one that has long carry handles. Ours in Singapore did not have that, but we bought one for Europe like that and being able to rock your baby to sleep in a bouncer with these carry handles is a godsend.

Anyway: thank you, bouncer.
You did well!

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