All the good things


Once the cake was taken care of there was a whole table of presents to attend to.


And there was someone who was more than happy to oblige (again). Oskar loves unpacking presents.


He also likes to keep them afterwards, but we decided to take care of that later. Here he tries out a new hat for Thomas…


Thomas was a good sport and he looked approvingly as his brother was unwrapping one present after the other.


Lamia tried out that hat, too…


Oskar, of course, was already on the next present (this one is a big success with both boys).


And Thomas was genuinely happy and excited…


Oskar provides an expert assessment of the new gadget:


Also time to get the hat to its rightful owner.


One last present and we are done:


In this pack there was the present from Aggie, a very sweet bunny, self-made by a friend of hers. I actually missed to take a photo of it, so I will add this a little later.

Thank you to everyone who sent a present and helped making this a special experience for Thomas. He won’t recall this birthday, but maybe one day he’ll find this entry and it’ll make him smile.

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