There’s something on the window sill


One of the presents for Oskar’s birthday is a bicycle with training wheels. He is already outgrowing the tricycle we got him for this second birthday and he has already shown quite a bit of interest in bicycles.

So Lamia found a bicycle for kids on the Decathlon online store and it was delivered a few days ago. Since then, a huge box was standing on the window sill in my bathroom.

Yesterday night I decided to get the bike out, because some assembly is required and we wanted to make sure we have time to fix things in case something does not work as intended.

But why would that happen?
This sure only happens to other people, right?


I got the bike out of the box (within which it only occupied a third of the space) and just had to unwrap a few things, attach the handlebar and the seat and screw on the training wheels.

Everything looked okay.

Then the wife entered the room.

Lamia: Ah, that looks nice… hey: is there enough air in the back tire?
Leo: Erg…

Yep, the back tire was suspiciously flat. Well, thank God I have an engineering degree and we immediately got the tire inflator out. But as hard as I tried, the tire would not inflate. Now, the tire inflator was old and shitty and I thought: maybe we should get a proper one.

And so today, Sunday, we passed by a shop to buy a shiny, new one (including the little attachment with which you can inflate a football).

Turns out the tire inflator was not the problem.

Lamia will take the bike to the Decathlon shop this week to have it fixed or replaced.

Up till then, I’ll keep it on the window sill in my bathroom.


Well. Actually it’s going to be hidden.
Oskar is not stupid, you know?!


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