Unwrapping. Unboxing. Unbelievable.


After cake and candle were taken care of, Oskar got real busy with the pile of gifts on the table. Let’s go one by one…


What’s going to be hidden in this one?


An excavator! Coolness!
No time to play… there’s work to be done here.


Hm, what kind of insane person is taking all that effort to wrap paper around what’s rightfully mine?!


Ah, who cares – it’s worth it! A sweet, sweet fire truck!


Hm, this one has the shape of a big piece of candy…


But hey! – it’s the bunny brother of the one Thomas got. How awesome (thank you, Aggie)!

So, that’s it?
Well. There was something else, as you know. So I went to get it and Oskar had to wait. What happens next is super sweet and amazing and I am so happy that Lamia actually got it on video…

I mean, look how excited and happy he is!
I just love watching this video.

He was a bit scared by the height of the seat an we lowered it later to a point where it was clearly too low but where he felt more safe (I do recall my discomfort of not being able to reach the ground with your feet when sitting on a bike when I was a small boy).

We’ll bring it up later again… :)

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