Below are two Live Photos I really like. Normally these are visible on iOS devices when you force touch or keep your finger on it for a little longer, but I’ve turned them into GIFs and wanted to see how they work out on the blog.

The GIFs are both in the range of 3-4 MB, so this might be a little painful to watch, which is why I hide them behind a short break…

2016-09-07_guckguck 2016-09-25_guckguck

The first one just cracks me up: it’s Oskar a few weeks ago after a bath.
And the second one shows him today when we were visiting Yunxi, Wailan and Yann, who live 14 floors above us.

Edit 21:38h
Works okay, but the GIFs are first downloaded image by image, of course, before they play smoothly.

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