Awesome Aggie


After celebrating Thomas‘ and Oskar’s birthdays in September, Aggie’s birthday follows in October. In fact, it’s today. And after Lamia came home it was not long until she started the celebration by firing up the cake.

Moments later the cake was on the table…

… and Aggie was excited.

Okay, don’t ask me why I told Lamia to put five candles onto the cake. I just thought it should be more than the one or three for the kids. And five is a good number.
As per family tradition, nobody in this house can blow out candles on a cake without the expert help of Oskar.

And after this important job was done, we could attack the cake. It’s chocolate-pear, one of my favorites. And the expert taster could not find any flaw with it, either.

We also made a card and bought a little gift for Aggie. With two recent birthday gift unpacking experiences under his belt, Oskar was of course ver happy to help unwrap the present.

It’s a personalized cup with lid and spoon.

I made the writing in ProCreate on my iPad Pro, created a high resolution jpeg from it and then went to this shop at Far East Plaza where they do instant thermotransfer printing and other neat things. They are very nice and pretty quick, indeed, but they are not real masters of their own equipment.\
When I sent them the file before dropping by they warned me that the black of the letters might not be really black, because of the nature of the technology. I then asked whether they wanted me to mix some cyan into it, which is a common trick to get deeper blacks in printing. They seemed indifferent to the idea and in the end I did not do it anyway, because Pixelmator, with which I have replaced Photoshop, is actually not advanced enough to do this with a simple channel modification.

When I was at the shop, they told me that there might be some light magenta as halo around the black letters, because “that’s what always happens”. So I thought:

Leo: Either their printer is really shit or they don’t realize that this does not happen when you create a file where a black is made from 100% black and not from 100% black plus all other color channels.

… because this is what you would normally get when you have a RGB photo or file and it’s made with… I don’t know: MS Paint or something.

Anyway. As it turns out, none of the above issues occurred when they printed the cup. The one thing that did not fully come out the way I had hoped was the pink heart on the “i”, which looks a bit washed out. Still: overall I am quite happy with the result.

I hope Aggie likes it, too. 

Happy birthday, Aggie!
Thank you, for taking care of us (nearly) every day and for all your patience and all the hard work you put into raising the kids with us.

You are truly awesome!

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