A train for the kids


There is still this train that we bought nearly a year ago when we were in Germany and that we planned to finally unveil at Oskar’s birthday but then didn’t do, because there was so much stuff already.

With Oskar finishing his first week of first school vacation tomorrow, we decided to break that train out of the storage tonight. It’s a gift for both Oskar and Thomas, though Thomas will likely need a few more months until he can truly enjoy it.

For a bit of a dramatic effect, we asked both kids to wait with Aggie in Oskar’s room, and then we set it up, so it’s ready to play.

I took a video of the moment we opened the door:

The excitement looks a little muted, but I think Oskar likes it.

Edit October 28:
Yes, he does. We did not put it away over night, and this morning he was playing with it right after waking up. Thomas has so far mostly taking away pieces of the tracks, but that’s his right as co-owner :)

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