Do I still need a laptop?


So yes: the photos in these latest entries were also fully edited in Lightroom Mobile. It might sound stupid, but I am more likely to quickly transfer new photos to the iPad and work from there. For a while now, getting out the laptop feels like “work” and I only do it in the evenings. And then this does not happen that same night and I will only do it the next night. Or the night after that.

The iPad’s form factor has further reduced the barrier to get technology out and do something with it. I know it sounds stupid, but it’s really true. Admittedly, this might change again once the novelty of being able to edit photos so well on the iPad wears off, but at the moment this feels “lighter” and more direct.

I am actually contemplating whether my next Mac can be a desktop and not a laptop. If an iPad Pro can cover my mobility needs, there is no need for a laptop anymore. I still want a Mac at home for running software that I don’t have on the iPad and for processes that are more complex (or for functions that are missing in Lightroom Mobile). This could be even a more affordable machine, as long as the hard drive is large enough (say, 4 TB). An iMac would be the obvious choice, but let’s see how I feel after taking only the iPad Pro on my business trip to Europe next week (and arguably after only taken the iPad on our 4 weeks Christmas holiday in Europe later this year).

Another interesting tidbit: I was writing about the 2 GB Creative Cloud storage limit that comes with the Photography Plan. By now I must have uploaded something close to 1.3 GB of photos to the cloud and still none of these photos seem to count against the 2 GB limit. I am not sure why this is the case and yes, this can change over time. Right now, however, the Photography plan with having always the latest versions of Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC plus seemingly unlimited photo storage in the cloud feels like a steal at 156 Singdollar a year…

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