Personal power station


This is my new carry-on suitcase from Away Travel.

I was considering buying a new carry-on for a little while now, but what you can find in the shops is pretty regular stuff. I didn’t realize it then, but if you think about it in hindsight, there hasn’t been much innovation when it comes to suitcases in the past 10 years. So nothing out there seemed right to buy and as a result I’ve been using one from Lamia instead: a nice bag from Mandarina Duck which is basically a laptop bag with a little space for clothes. On most of my shorter trips that’s just good enough, but it is a little cumbersome to handle.

When I then heard about the products from Away Travel on a few podcasts, I got hooked by the battery charging feature of their carry-on: a 37-watt / 10,000 mAh lithium-ion battery which is screwed directly into the exterior shell and through which you can power two USB devices at once. This is genius and it sounds like just the innovation that makes sense in today’s world of airport dwellers who are always looking for a way to charge their devices.
I also like the meshed bag for laptops which always stays on top of packed clothes and the built-in laundry bag which is water proof and can hence hold swim suits or sweaty clothes without a problem. As a matter of course, it’s also more spacious than the bag from Mandarins Duck, which is great, too.
But yes, the battery sealed the deal for me.

Away Travel does not ship their bags to Singapore (really not sure why they don’t ship to more countries), so I had mine sent to Germany and when I arrived today, it was already waiting for me.

I like it. Let’s see how well I will sail through airport security checks with that thing. I am reading on Away Travel’s website that this carry-on meets all the regulations you can think of, but who knows whether airport staff knows that, too.

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