Vacation photography


This weekend my mom showed me an old photo book she made for my dad’s birthday, 26 years ago. It’s a nice collection of old photos from vacations they’ve been on. And besides stunning photos of my parents, there are also photos of me and my brother and it’s fun to look how similar we look on these photos to Oskar and Thomas.

Here’s a photo of my mom in Vienna from 1965:

Stunning, eh?
More of my parents and also said photos of me and my brother after the break…

Again my mom on a Mosel boat trip in 1968.
Looks like she scored some jewelry or something…

My dad on Ischia in 1969.
Looks like the cougar next to him is considering a move…

Again my dad, this time with Bernhard at Dahme, East Sea, 1972.

Then my mom with Bernhard in 1973 at Côte d’Azure.

Sankt Peter Ording in 1975: Bernhard is pushing my stroller.

And my dad and me – nice hat he’s got right there…

Lake Faaker, 1976.
The thumb is sacred…

Bernhard and I on Föhr in 1977. On this photo I have some resemblance to Thomas, I think.

Ischia, 1979. This is somehow I really cool photo. Love how I stand there with my floating tire…

Cesenatico in 1982… I have no recollection of this awesome canoe!

Marina di Massa in 1983. I have fond memories of us floating on that air matress. I was scared like hell of the water and of the crabs or fish in the sea that might get me. When I was on the matress, I felt safe.

Lido di Jesolo in 1986.
Uh-oh. Puberty had not been kind to Bernhard… (but none of us look very good on this photo, I have to say).

And the last one: Laiguélia in 1987. Take note of that glorious stache my dad is sporting here.

Yeah… it never looked right. On this photo it looks like he jumped right out of a 70’s porn movie.
Well: it would if he did not wear those darn sandals…

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