An evening at Stefaan and Flo’s


I am in Belgium for the rest of the week and because I am a good corporate citizen, I am saving the company some money by not staying in a hotel but at Alice’s and Ante’s place. Well, that and I like to stay at their place anyhow – I am super happy they agreed to bear with me once again.

After work, Alice took me to Carrefour so I could buy a few more things for Singapore. Once I was done with that, we went home where I quickly dropped all my lugagge before everybody went to Stefaan and Flo who had invited us for dinner. And as another example how nice Alice and Ante are, we drove with two cars: one for them to be able to leave earlier and take Amelia to bed. And the second one for me, so I could opt to stay longer (which I did).

At the end of the evening I also got a very sweet wedding thank you card addressed to me and Lamia from Stefaan and Flo. They thanked me for joining their wedding and they thanked Lamia for letting me go :)

I feel like last Saturday, when I spent an evening with Alex and Silke: I enjoy living in Singapore, but I miss our friends.

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