Starbucks vs Dentist


The last time I’ve been to the dentist is… hum… maybe 2 years ago. Don’t make that face! I am still brushing my teeth. It’s just I did not go because… well. I was busy, okay? So, I got a message from my dentist in July. Last year. Which means my previous session had maybe been in January 2015. And I really like going to my dentist. She’s great. But I do recall that at the time when I got that message, I was in fact very busy. And then I delayed and delayed and delayed.

Weeks passed, then months, seasons more months and eventually years.

In the meantime my frequent visits to Starbucks made themselves very present in my smile by means of pretty serious coffee stains. It did not look nice. Once I saw that, I said to myself: hey, I said, you should really go to that dentist place you know? Yes, I should.

Weeks passed, then months… well. 

Now it’s November and we are about to fly back to Europe.
So I finally called my dentist. And I made an appointment over lunch today. 15 minutes before lunch, I left the office. It’s a 10-12 minute walk, so I was well on time. I arrived, noticed that the clinique had gotten a makeover (but then again, I had not been in 2 years), walked to an unfriendly looking lady at the reception and told her I was here for my appointment. Turns out the clinique moved and the one I was in was in fact from a dentist, too. Just a different one. Shit! The lady explained to me I had to walk to the other side of the block and I could best get there by crossing the parking in the middle of it.

Aaaargh! I was already quite sweaty from my walk and was in need of an airco right now. I wandered around the block in search for the new location, instead. Not only did I have now brownish coffee stains inbetween my front teeth, but minefield sized sweat stains all over my dress shirt. Actually it was only one big dark patch of waterworks. And while I was boiling in the midday sun, I had also trouble finding the place. I thought I stood in front of it, but I could not enter. I called to get directions and they told me I was standing on the backside and that I had to walk to the other side, enter, take the stairs and voilà! 

I arrived, looking like a dog that had a run through a sprinkler.
But there they were: my dentist and also the receptionist I always joke with when I come. How nice.

They said:

What the heck happened to you?

After I explained my distress and after I had sufficiently complained that they dared move places in the last 24 months, I could sit down for a moment and cool down. The new place looks as crummy or even crummier than the old one, but my dentist is still excellent and a lot of fun.

She was quite busy with undoing the work that a few hundred cups of Starbucks had done. She did a thorough job in removing the coffee stains and cleaning all the spaces inbetween the teeth.

Leo: Are you nicking all my secret food supplies?!

Once we were done I promised them I would make an appointment earlier next time and I gave them permission to call me and lecture me if I don’t react to their texts.

I was so used to the ugly, stained look of my teeth, that I cannot believe how nice and clean they are now when I look in the mirror.
I should really make sure I go there more often than every 2 years…

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