Team Papa


I’ve nearly made it. Lamia is traveling this week, spending quality time in Japan, and I am in charge of the kids. Well, during the day I am working and Aggie takes care of Thomas and the French school takes care of Oskar. So they are in charge more than me.

But in the evenings, it’s Papa who is calling the shots. Feeding. Brushing teeth. Bath. Bed.

It’s not too bad and I enjoy spending extra time with the kids. I have also a new found appreciation of all the work Lamia is doing when she’s here. You know, the prepared cups for Thomas with food for breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and dinner? – turns out they don’t magically appear in the fridge by themselves. Somebody has to prepare them, and this somebody has been Lamia (and this is besides making the actual food, but luckily Aggie helps with this, too).

So, while I was preparing this every night, I promised myself that I would continue doing this in the future. I have a terrific wife! – not only because she is managing and preparing all of this, but also because she never really asked me to do this (except for the occasional gesture of helping with the milk bottles for Thomas).

Tomorrow I took a day off so I can spend additional time with the children and also do the grocery shopping without getting into a time crunch. And Saturday night, Lamia will be back.

Until then it’s all “Go, team Papa!” 

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