Sunday morning


We have nicely arrived in Germany. The flight was not too bad, way better than what we suffered last year, but we are all tired and jetlagged. The kids do okay – Thomas wakes up during the night and needs a little more attention, and both he and Oskar wake up a little too early in the morning. Let’s hope this is going to get back to normal soon (I am just spoiled by the 11 continuous hours they sleep for such a long time already, of course).

This is our current routine in the morning: Oskar and I go and get buns from the bakery and when we are back we are having breakfast. To which we are joined an hour later or so by the grandparents. I feel like they must have felt when I was a teenager: what takes so long to get out of bed in the morning? But really-really, I envy them. Some time then we are opening the Advent calendars (Playmobil for Oskar and Thomas, Star Wars for me, … and, eh, nothing for Lamia).

This morning we found time for the first time since we’ve arrived in Germany to take a few photos, too. Here’s me, playing with the kids:

And here we are again (all photos taken by my mom, by the way – not fully focused, but sweet nonetheless):

Lamia joined us a shortly after:

I love this photo, but the next one is beautiful, too:

Will be a busy day, by the way. We’ll go get a Christmas tree later and then Alex, Silke and Fabian are going to visit.

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