Sunday noon


After our little morning photo shoot, Oskar, my mom and I went to Escher’s Lädle to purchase a Christmas tree. Not an easy task. It has to look nice, of course. And it should of course meet all the basic requirements like not shedding needles like a cat sheds hair. And not house any bugs or something. Who knows what lurks below the bark of a common tree, eh? Then, due to my dad’s health condition, my mom has to be able to lift it and toss it out of the window or off the balcony by herself. It also means the tree mustn’t be taller than my mom, so she can take down the decoration without help.

As you’d expect, Oskar was up to the task.

I have to say, the folks at Escher’s Lädle were exceptionally nice. They patiently waited as we made our decision and once Oskar had made the final call they even handed us free vouchers for a waffle and Glühwein at the stand they had set up besides the Christmas tree sales. This plus the tree for 30 Euros, delivered free of charge to my parents’ place. Does not sound like too much (or I am maybe confused by high prices in Singapore).

I am looking forward now to see Oskar decorating the tree tomorrow or the day after.

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