Mercedes-Benz Museum (again)


It’s never good to lock two small kids in a house for too long. Or better said: it’s never good to be locked with two small kids in a house for too long. 

Kids are savages.
But let’s talk about that another time.

Consequently, we and my mom took Oskar and Thomas out today for a visit of the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart. We’ve been here before, but this is a pretty great place to visit and as it turns out it has lots of things to offer for our kids…

You might know that the exhibition is organized chronologically from the first, humble beginnings of the automobile to the amazing technology of today. The very first exhibition piece is however not a car but a stuffed horse with a quote attributed to Emperor Wilhelm II:

I do believe in the horse.
The automobile is no more than a transitory phenomenon. 

Can’t get everything right, can you? Anyway, both kids were obviously smitten by the horse and spend quite some looking at and touching it.

Oh, and by the way: two days before Christmas is an excellent time to visit this museum. The places was virtually deserted. The below image of the very first car shows just a few folks hanging around there (half of them being us).

In the past I have desperately tried to get a shot of the Benz motor car without people on it. It’s tough on a normal day, but today would have been super simple. I did not really have time to take a photo, running behind Thomas and stuff, so I didn’t even try – I guess this also means I did not want this shot that badly (anymore).

We made our way rather quickly through the many cars and technology exhibitions, mostly focusing on keeping track of the kids and taking a photo now and then. Love the one below…

Oskar looks like he’s a model, lolling in front of the latest sports car (one of those photos children might sue their parents for).

There are these special parts of the exhibition dedicated to certain themes, like famous cars, service cars, … stuff like this. We had a little break in the one for the busses and Lamia fed Thomas his morning snack.

The place is nice to explore for young…

… and old young-at-hearts.

Lovely photo of Oma with Oskar:

Here’s Thomas at an old petrol pump…

… and Oskar under a car transporter.

Speaking of service cars, for some reason Oskar is totally into garbage trucks. So much, even, that he put one on his Christmas wish list. And then we passed by the garbage truck in the museum.

We stayed there easily 20-30 minutes. On the one hand side, because Oskar did not want to leave. But then again, also because it took me forever to get this photo:

(sometimes kids make it really hard to take a simple, damn photo)

Thomas is more into fire trucks, apparently.

Afterwards, Oskar and I had another stop at the 1974 coach of the German national football team who won the World Championship for the second time that year. 

At that point it was also time for us to head back home. We pretty much skipped the rest of the museum and went home – not without having a quick stop at the gift shop where we bought a little racing duck for the bath tub (which is the same as the one you get at the Porsche Museum – we smartly picked a different color, though).

Oh, and this happened:

Thomas was sitting on Oma’s lap.
Again: Thomas was sitting on Oma’s lap!

This is the first time where he was willing to (happily) sit on someone else’s lap since we have arrived. We had a nice and easy going trip to the museum, but this really made me smile.

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