Christmas Day


And then Christmas morning broke. Oskar had been asking for his presents for several days now. He knew that Santa Claus would bring the presents and he knew that he had to be a good boy to get presents. His selective memory ensured that he always considered himself a good boy, even if we had just caught him red handed being naughty. Kids…

Anyway, we got up around 6:30 like every morning, the kids were awake shortly after 7 and soon enough we had them in the living room where all the presents were waiting. Oskar was clearly mesmerized by the lovely setting…

There wasn’t much interest in the breakfast, to be honest, and soon enough the family got busy around the tree and – more importantly – what was piled up below it.

Somehow there are always more presents than I expected. And while I silently added this extra weight to our suitcases that I would have to lug around in the airport, Oskar and Thomas were naturally excited. And then the savagery started…

So there’s a one meter tall toy car ramp system (which we did not set up), very nice books and lots and lots and lots of Lego Duplo. Oh: and a Playmobil garbage truck. You might recall this one’s very important. Here’s also a lesson I’ve learned: if you have so many presents, it easily blows the fuses of a 3-year-old. This became particularly apparent when I opened the Duplo “Around The World” set: this thing is stuffed with little plastic bags filled with colorful pieces and animals and shit. And I poured all of them on the floor at once.

That was a mistake.

It was just too much and Oskar was jumping from one bag to the other while I was trying to be a good teacher and build the different locations according to the manual and, well, the picture on the box. Because that’s what you do, right? Right? Oskar couldn’t care less. He was on a Duplo high and rushed through the different pieces like a tornado. What I should have done is to agree with him which of the depicted locations we build together and then get the necessary pieces from the big box versus pouring everything on the floor like a 10 pound pack of cocaine in a room with Wall Street analysts.

Thomas was more of an observer in all of this. He patiently watched Oskar go nuts and was happy when he could play with one or the other thing. Or sit on the box. That’s the best, obviously.

Eventually all the presents had been opened. In fact, one was unwrapped but not unpacked: the backhoe loader. We decided that the kids had already enough to play with and to hence keep this treat for one of the following days.

Phew! And so we survived another crazy Christmas with our own kids. It’s kinda stressful at this age (theirs and mine :) ), but it’s yet one of the greatest things in the world to be able to celebrate Christmas and go crazy about gift unwrapping with my family and my little boys. Somehow I know (and hope) this is only to get better in the coming years…

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