Star Wars Diorama


Lamia gifted me a Lego Star Wars advent calendar this year as well. I did not take photos of every piece of the calendar this time, but if you are interested, Jay’s Brick Blog has all of the items listed, day by day. With explanation and stuff. Very nice job. And I agree with Jay: the 2016 calendar was really great, partly because of some of the spaceships that were included, but also because of the crazy amount of figurines Lego tossed in.

And with all these little guys, I thought I had to make a little diorama. I did not have time to think long about a fancy backdrop or a story line, but when I saw Patzi’s @FairyDreamCeramics houses at my parents place, I knew I had to use them in my set up.

The full thing looked like this:

So I used two houses and I intentionally shot this photo with a f11 aperture to achieve decent depth of field. The whole scene becomes of course more dramatic when you increase their aperture, just take a crop of the above image and add a vignette.

I like this much better, though not all the figurines are clearly visible, of course.
I left a few of the other items from the calendar that I liked best assembled and when I find some time I want to build some more elaborate sceneries.

Thank you, Lamia, for another great present :)

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