When Apple announced the iPhone 7 and the Apple Watch Series 2 I liked what I saw, but I did not feel the need to upgrade. Sure, the dual camera system on the phone is intriguing, but it’s only on the Plus size. Maybe it’s enough to go to this hunking size after all, but I did not feel compelled, particularly because my iPhone 6s is of course still awesome. The watch is admittedly a different animal because version 1 – as much as I love it and as much as I still wear it every day – had clearly a speed issue. Well: it had one till watchOS 3. So it is possible that if watchOS 3 had not brought these massive speed improvements, I would have maybe wanted to buy the new model. But now I feel like I’ve already had a little upgrade, so I can easily wait another year or so. To be clear, I do like all the improvements of the series 2, but here’s what I really want from an Apple Watch upgrade:

  1. Faster connection between the iPhone and the watch for upgrades.
  2. Super simple ability to load podcasts directly on the watch, so I do not have to stream them from the phone and can basically go to the gym without my phone.

You see, the second one is even in the realm of possibilities with the hardware of the Apple Watch I have right now.

Anyway. My actual point was: I liked Apple’s keynote, but I felt happy with the gadgets I have. But there were also the AirPods. And these were clearly something simply amazing. Mind you, I am using the wireless Jaybird Bluebuds already, which are pretty great, so what can the AirPods bring? After all, I do not expect them to have better sound quality and I doubt they will seal as well as the Bluebuds, which means I’d likely have to crank up the volume (like I did with regular EarPods).

The answer is simple: convenience. What I simply hate about Bluetooth headphones is the pairing process and that it is cumbersome to use them with multiple devices. All of this goes away with the AirPods.

And look what Lamia gave me as a Christmas present:

So great!
I am really excited and after my first try-outs, they seem to deliver exactly the convenience they promise: pairing is super elegant and it is a pinch to use them with all my Apple devices (which are quite some) with hardly any friction. It just works.

Let’s see how it goes, but this is potentially one of the best products Apple has launched in a few years.

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