Christmas reloaded


And then it was time for another round of Christmas, Brest-style. And as you’d expect, the kids got lots of very cute and beautiful presents. Again. And I tallied up how much this would add to the total luggage weight I’d have to haul around. Again. But then, they had so much fun that I’ll happily break my back (and it anyhow was not so bad, weight-wise).

Also lovely to see Oskar and Thomas play with Constance and all kids sharing their presents without (too much) fuss. The French grandparents enjoyed their (customized) calendar of the kids and the 1 year book of Thomas as much as their German counterparts. And Daad and Joy both got a little table stand calendar with photos of the kids which later can be used as postcards. I just love this idea (which is why Tatjana and aunts Barbara and Anna got one, too).

By the way, should you wonder what kind of reputation I have, here’s my Christmas present:

Looks like a good one – Magnum size, baby! And: I like the photo. Those dried leaves were lying on a table outside of the kitchen seemingly randomly and when I got the bottle I knew this would make a fitting photo (imagine me spending a few minutes outside in the cold, not dressed in anything warm but with a passionate fever to get this one right). Thank you for the wine and thank you for the opportunity to play with my camera.

And this concludes Christmas for this year. 2016 might not have been a great year for the world, but Lamia, Oskar, Thomas and I are fortunate enough to have had another wonderful and loving year with our awesome German-French family.

I cherish this more than anything.

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