Nagi and Fely have a staircase in the house which I normally try to keep little kids away from. But Oskar is now 3 years old and he can climb those stairs well enough without me getting a heart attack all the time (I am still a bit anxious when he goes downstairs, but he is doing such a great job). Thomas, however, is of course a different story. He is an amazing walker, but he is of course still a little clumsy once in a while, so he cannot climb stairs.

Or can he?

Well, on the one hand side, my heart stopped when I saw him climbing up the stairs on all fours. But he is also very careful and while I would never let him climb without watching over him, he is doing really good.

And, well, once one little guy is doing it…

… the little gal has to give it a try as well, doesn’t she?
We’ve got a bunch of little daredevils in the family right there.

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